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Itty bitty lion... by Charlesdeleroy Itty bitty lion... :iconcharlesdeleroy:Charlesdeleroy 3 2 Chilling with lion again... by Charlesdeleroy Chilling with lion again... :iconcharlesdeleroy:Charlesdeleroy 1 0 Lion and me hanging out, chilling and stuff by Charlesdeleroy Lion and me hanging out, chilling and stuff :iconcharlesdeleroy:Charlesdeleroy 2 6 TawnyPride by Gikima by Charlesdeleroy TawnyPride by Gikima :iconcharlesdeleroy:Charlesdeleroy 1 0 CatsClaw- by Gikima by Charlesdeleroy CatsClaw- by Gikima :iconcharlesdeleroy:Charlesdeleroy 2 0 Crashes by Charlesdeleroy Crashes :iconcharlesdeleroy:Charlesdeleroy 2 0 Irgalacticus Bigger version by Charlesdeleroy Irgalacticus Bigger version :iconcharlesdeleroy:Charlesdeleroy 0 0 IRGALACTICUS-avatar by Charlesdeleroy IRGALACTICUS-avatar :iconcharlesdeleroy:Charlesdeleroy 0 1 CoffeeFamine-6-8 by Charlesdeleroy CoffeeFamine-6-8 :iconcharlesdeleroy:Charlesdeleroy 3 0 CoffeeFamine-5 by Charlesdeleroy CoffeeFamine-5 :iconcharlesdeleroy:Charlesdeleroy 2 1 CoffeeFamine-1-4 by Charlesdeleroy CoffeeFamine-1-4 :iconcharlesdeleroy:Charlesdeleroy 3 0 CoffeeCards-8 by Charlesdeleroy CoffeeCards-8 :iconcharlesdeleroy:Charlesdeleroy 3 0 CoffeeCards-7 by Charlesdeleroy CoffeeCards-7 :iconcharlesdeleroy:Charlesdeleroy 3 0 CoffeeCards-6 by Charlesdeleroy CoffeeCards-6 :iconcharlesdeleroy:Charlesdeleroy 2 0 PonyCoffeeCards-5 by Charlesdeleroy PonyCoffeeCards-5 :iconcharlesdeleroy:Charlesdeleroy 5 2
Whispers in the Nighttime Sky by Charlesdeleroy
       Darkness settled slowly over the land as a veil draped across the arboreal sky.  The forest below lay clothed in pure white winter’s raiment, as if awaiting with reverence this night’s solemn reverie.  It was the night the wise old owl in the great gnarled cedar in the marsh had spoken of.  She knew of such things; she could feel it in her wings and talons, she’d said, when the seasons changed.  As twilight deepened and the last vestiges of sunset vanished far in the west, she left her tree house nest and flew ahead to Gathering Hill as she had done for so many years to welcome the travelers as they arrived for the event.
From all reaches of the lower forest, they came.  Opossums and raccoons, the great bats and wolves, even porcupines and mice; all came silently through the bare columns of dormant trees to the peak of the hill in the center of the wood.  Guided only by their knowledge of the way and the faint s
:iconcharlesdeleroy:Charlesdeleroy 0 0


It's Anything But by secoh2000 It's Anything But :iconsecoh2000:secoh2000 53 7 Secret of the Scepter by Sirzi Secret of the Scepter :iconsirzi:Sirzi 1,103 210
The River's Daughter
The long-tailed folk come out to soak
and frolic in the water.
But little do they know how close they are
to Rojah, the river’s daughter.
Their mothers had all warned them,
"She’s forty feet if she is a yard.
So when you go to fish and fetch the water,
be sure to be on your guard!"
But listening to Mum
is certainly no fun
when there are games that you could play.
And what better way than waterfights to beat the heat
of a scorching summer’s day.
But mother knows,
as Rojah grows,
she believes her hunger must come first.
And snatch away any wayward cub
who only wished to quench their thirst.
Her scales change hue from green to blue
to a dazzling aquamarine.
And so the river wishes her Good Hunting!
and grants its blessing to remain unseen.
She passes through the swimmer’s legs
tickling ankles with her forked tongue
to find the unsuspecting morsel
whose day will be undone.
The long-tailed folk would never notice
those extra river rocks.
Or how they were the colour g
:iconquantumplum:quantumplum 4 4
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United States
Edited the previous journal..  I looked at last year's calendar.  June 5th is the first Sunday in THIS year's June.


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